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Harbor City Gymnastics facility
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Harbor City Gymnastics classes
Harbor City Gymnastics classes

Our Dedicated Staff and Stellar Facility

At Harbor City Gymnastics, we take pride in our team of expert coaches who are all USAG-certified and thoroughly trained. Their mission: to guide your children to safely and successfully explore the world of gymnastics using proper progressions and techniques.


Our facility is a gymnast's haven. With 18,000 square feet of state-of-the-art, fully air-conditioned space, we've created an environment conducive to learning, growing, and succeeding.


Our Diverse Programs: Every Age, Every Goal


Starting at 18 months, we open our doors to all eager young gymnasts. Our esteemed staff educates and coaches hundreds of children each year, instilling in them the courage to face challenges and empowering them with the self-confidence to triumph.


We're firm believers in the physical and mental benefits of gymnastics. It strengthens, flexes, balances, and coordinates, setting the stage for overall body development. This holistic growth provides our athletes with the perfect springboard to excel in any future sport they choose.


Your Goals, Our Commitment


Whether you're seeking a fun and engaging way for your child to develop coordination, or you're nurturing a dream of competitive gymnastics, Harbor City is the place for you. We offer quality programs tailored to every aspiration, from leisure learning to national-level competition.


At Harbor City Gymnastics, we're not just building athletes - we're shaping futures. Come, join our family today!

Gymnastics isn't just a sport for us - it's a powerful discipline that shapes character, instills discipline, and promotes a healthy lifestyle. 


Gymnastics is a journey towards personal growth, confidence, and lifelong achievement.

— Harbor City Gymnastics

Our Founders

Mark and Anne Weber

Mark and Anne Weber, proud owners and head coaches of Harbor City Gymnastics, have an impressive background in the world of gymnastics. Mark began his coaching journey at the young age of 17 and has since gained valuable experience at renowned institutions such as Rebounders, Docksiders, Towson State University (his alma mater), and the Naval Academy in Maryland. Meanwhile, Anne, a native of Maryland, had a successful career as a USAG national competitor and served as a scholarship all-around team captain for UNC Chapel Hill. Following her retirement from competitive gymnastics, she embarked on a coaching path and crossed paths with Mark.

In 1994, Mark and Anne relocated to Melbourne, FL, where they fulfilled their dream of establishing Harbor City Gymnastics. Their dedication and expertise have led to the qualification of over 200 gymnasts for the USAG regional and national championships. Additionally, they have guided numerous athletes to secure college scholarships through their coaching. However, their greatest source of pride stems from witnessing their former gymnasts thrive beyond the sport, as they apply the discipline, strong work ethic, and integrity instilled in them during their gymnastics journey to achieve their post-gymnastics aspirations.

Mark and Anne Weber, Owners of Harbor City Gymnastics

Our Coaches

Our Staff is USAG certified and well-trained to teach gymnastics safely and successfully using proper progressions and techniques in our 18,000-square-foot state-of-the-art training center. We offer classes for 18 months and up. 

  • Recreational & Preschool Classes

  • USAG Competitive Teams

  • Summer Camps & Parties

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